Number of Live Medical Receptionists Expected to Rise Despite Office Automation

The introduction of medical office software resulted from a perceived need to cut the no-show rate and in effect, better the revenue of the clinic. But only a few people would even think about the benefits a medical receptionist would get from office automation. It is contrary to the belief that an automated front desk office receptionist displaces a human employee. So how does a system help a live employee?

• A virtual medical receptionist saves employees from the boring task of making appointments. It is also a great relief from listening to voicemail messages that were left by patients who called in when the clinic was closed. Before, an employee would have to spend hours taking notes from recorded calls then calling patients back one by one to either confirm the appointment or tell them if there are needed adjustments.

• A medical receptionist can also focus on better tasks like filing important documents and assisting each patient that comes in. In a recent study, it was revealed that a receptionist has to perfect the art of shifting emotions in just a few seconds to meet the emotional demands of patients; i.e. empathize with them, and congratulate them and so on.

What is the implication of office automation to the medical sector?

The Bureau of Labor has reason to believe that there will be an expected increase of the number of receptionists, following the popularity of office automation software. The bureau believes that medical employment opportunities will continue to pour in the next ten years. So you are planning to be a medical receptionist, here is a list of things that you have to do.

1. When in college, you have to take relevant course that would later lead to certifications when you apply in the medical field.

2. If you have already achieved all the required certifications, you need to test the waters first. This can be done by starting out as a medical receptionist assistant in order to gauge whether a specific practice is perfect for you. Bear in mind that a front office employee is the patients’ first point of contact so your responsibility is really great. Therefore, you need enough time to practice and better your tasks before you transition into being a senior receptionist.

3. Assuming that there is a number of employment opportunities for a medical receptionist, you would have to decide based on the salary, the employer (as tasks vary depending on who the boss is) and the size of the practice.

The presence and adaptation of software helps your medical receptionist perform better. However, it is impossible to just have everything automated because live personnel will still be needed to verify everything. After all, no software has yet been created to make sure that electronic signatures will be on every medical document filled out online. So the only answer to that for now is to let the customers fill out the web form, whenever they are available, and then the receptionist will print out the forms and let the patient sign them personally once they visit the clinic.

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