Medical Office Automation Using an Online Patient Appointment Scheduler

There are many occasions where you find human medical staff reluctant to do some tasks due to one or the other reason. The problem with human medical front office executive is they, after all, are humans and driven by emotions. Also, they got physical, social and mental limitations that reflect in their day-to-day job. Simple instance for this is taking casual leaves! They cannot work 24/7 and offer same smooth and welcoming service all time. You can find the real difference when they speak to your prime customer (the patients) when they come on duty (fresh, in the morning) and when they are exhausted at the end of the day! Online Patient Appointment Scheduler (OPAS) is the best tool available on the market to solve these all worries at a shot.

OPAS is a web-based system that allows patients to book their appointments. They can log on to health care center’s system and can book their appointment at their convenient time. Moreover, this service is open for all day and night (24/7). The issue of time-overlapping (allotting the same time to more than one appointment-seeker) is tackled and the entire schedule of patients’ appointments is accessible using Blackberry! This said, you can reschedule the patient appointment using handheld device as a two-way Google Synchronization feature of online patient appointment scheduling system transfers the data (content) of schedule on the web.

Medical office automation using OPAS brings a lot of benefits. One of them is the system used as patient reminder. The patients are prone to forget important dates for visiting the health care center or to perform any tests. Also, they are to be reminded constantly about their diet as designed by the health care provider. Patient reminder works as best rapport building tool as they feel being personally cared. Another benefit that comes with OPAS is it serves as medical virtual receptionist. It can answer patients’ calls without getting bored or tired! In addition, unique feature of such system can answer more than one call at a time and hence, during events such as free medical camp, this feature works wonderfully.

Medical virtual receptionist provides the health care center a 24/7 service and performs multiple tasks that human medical front office executives may find it all difficult. Opting for medical office automation is indeed a great idea that can generate good revenue for you. It’s a big leap you can take for your business growth in future.

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